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Didaktikos is a professor-to-professor journal that covers important advances in theological education in a user-friendly format. Essays should reflect both strong scholarship and strong communication.

While many essays are commissioned by the editor, Didaktikos welcomes unsolicited abstracts from faculty members. If you are a faculty member at a college or graduate school and would like to have your ideas considered by Didaktikos, please send a query to the editor ( that contains: (a) your name; (b) a 20-word bio including your current faculty role; and (c) a 4–5 sentence abstract of your proposed essay.

Please make your abstract as clear and concrete as possible. Due to the style of Didaktikos, we prefer a “one-point sermon” format rather than a broad, theoretical discussion. Your topic should be compatible with advancing theological education and pedagogy; practical examples and application are strongly encouraged. Your proposal is more likely to be accepted if it aligns with one of our regular columns (see "Opportunities to Contribute" PDF below).

Didaktikos uses a modified double-blind peer-review process for all submissions. We look forward to considering your ideas.

Instructions for Contributors

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Opportunities to Contribute

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